How to Cancel the Xbox Pass Subscription on Xbox and PC?


The Xbox Game Pass subscription service has offered Xbox gamers plenty of games to play at a particular monthly charge. The Xbox Game Pass service started on Xbox One, and now it is available for Xbox Series X and S, plus some mobile and PC games as well. Microsoft has seen the Xbox Game Pass's growth since the beginning, and now they're trying to make it more valuable.

Undoubtedly, Xbox Game Pass is among the best and value-for-money subscription services, but still, there are plenty of users that wish to end it or cancel it. Canceling the Xbox Game Pass subscription is a slightly tricky procedure, but once it is canceled, users won't be able to play games for free that are part of the subscription.

How to Cancel the Xbox Game Pass Subscription?

Xbox Game Pass offers several popular paid games for free, and their number is growing every month. Every month, Microsoft is adding more and more games on Xbox Game Pass to give players various interesting games.

Through all these years, Microsoft has made the interface of canceling the subscription quite difficult, so if you wish to cancel it, you'll need a device connected with the web. Remember that canceling the subscription will take all your benefits, and you'll lose the list of games in Game Pass. Games that are installed through Game Pass subscription will also get affected by canceling the subscription.

So if you have made up your mind, here are the steps to cancel the Xbox Game Pass subscription.

·         Visit on your preferred web browser.

·         Sign in to your Microsoft Account.

·         Move to the Xbox Game Pass subscription page.

·         Press the Manage option.

·         Select Cancel subscription.

·         Tap the Turn Off recurring billing option.

·         Press Confirm cancellation.

Even if you cancel the subscription, you can take advantage of it until your current subscription ends. Once the subscription ends, you won't be charged further until you decide to download more games from Game Pass.

If you ever decide to get an Xbox Game Pass subscription one more time, you'll have to open the Microsoft Store and find the Xbox Game Pass. Once you finish installing Xbox Game Pass, follow the onscreen prompts and activate the subscription again.


Xbox Game Pass subscription doesn't cost much, and popular games like Gears 5, Forza Horizon 4, InnerSpace, Halo, and more are part of it. But whoever doesn't prefer a subscription can purchase individual games and play them without a subscription.


Cancel the Xbox Game Pass subscription with simple steps. Open your Microsoft account and cancel the Game Pass subscription under the Xbox Game Pass section.

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